Invisalign treatment offers a solution for those who find it challenging to smile due to dental concerns like crooked teeth or gaps. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can achieve the smile you desire without the interference of traditional braces. These advanced aligners have helped millions of people worldwide restore their confidence with a brighter smile. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect smile and are looking into getting Invisalign you may be wondering what makes a good candidate for Invisalign. In this blog post, we share all things Invisalign so that you can determine if they’re right for you.

The basics on Invisalign.

Invisalign presents an orthodontic alternative to metal braces for teeth straightening. The treatment utilizes a series of custom-made clear dental trays that gently shifts the teeth in place. Crafted from BPA-free plastic, Invisalign clear aligners provide exceptional comfort, surpassing the experience of traditional metal braces. These personalized clear aligners effectively straighten your teeth, granting users the radiant smile they’ve always dreamed of.

Ideal Invisalign Candidate.

Invisalign is typically recommended for older teenagers and adults, as younger patients’ teeth might still be growing. Invisalign aligners can effectively treat common dental conditions such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, protruding teeth, teeth gaps, overbite, underbite, and crossbite, provided they are not too severe. For more complex cases, alternative orthodontic procedures might offer better solutions to address dental concerns. A consultation with a local dentist is recommended to determine the appropriateness of this treatment approach. A visit to the local dentist will provide the patient with an in depth knowledge on the treatment plans available and the best solution for each scenario.

Invisalign application process.

If Invisalign is suitable for the patient, the dentist will create a personalized treatment plan by combining the examination results, x-rays, and a 3D model of the patient’s teeth. The plan will outline the necessary adjustments and the expected duration to achieve proper teeth alignment. Subsequently, the x-rays, 3D model, and teeth images will be sent to a laboratory, where the custom aligners will be specially fabricated. Throughout the process, the patient will be given a new set of aligners to keep their teeth shifting along appropriately. On average, an Invisalign treatment takes about a year, but the duration may vary depending on individual age and specific dental needs.

Invisalign treatments in American Canyon, California.

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