While snoring may be an inconvenience for some, it can indicate a deeper health issue for others. Sleep apnea is when someone’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts while they are sleeping. It’s often unnoticed, but certain symptoms may indicate you need to do a sleep study. You may be wondering what causes sleep apnea, as it’s often the result of a couple of factors:

  • Body composition: Sleep apnea is more common in those with excess body fat
  • Gender: Males, especially those with a family history of it, are more likely to experience sleep apnea
  • Habits: Smokers are at a higher risk for sleep apnea

There are many treatments for the disorder, ranging from at-home exercises to advanced surgery. Your dental health professional or physician who specializes in sleep disorders will often prescribe the treatment. If you believe you’re suffering from sleep apnea, don’t hesitate to call a medical professional! If you’d like to learn more about sleep apnea or have other dental health questions, you can call us at (707) 741-6090 or contact us on our website.