Maintaining at-home oral hygiene takes daily work, but it well worth it. Regular brushing and flossing helps remove food particles from your teeth and gums and keeps your breath fresh. Without this routine, bacteria builds up and creates tartar and plaque, causing gum disease and cavities. A healthy diet will help maintain healthy teeth, and the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can help fight off bacteria. Children will need guidance, as many of the popular snack options are harmful to their teeth. Adults should try to avoid tobacco and alcohol when they can. Tobacco encourages harmful bacteria, and alcohol makes your teeth and gums more prone to infection. Lastly, remember to visit your dentist twice per year so they can catch and prevent any developing dental issues. If you want to set up a dental appointment with the California Dental Care team, give us a call at (707) 741-6090 or contact us through the form on our website.