There are many ways that you can prevent getting periodontitis, also known as periodontal disease. If you take the proper precautions like, flossing and brushing your teeth every day, then you can heavily reduce the risk of periodontitis and other gum diseases. Our staff at California Dental Care came up with five tips on how to take care of your teeth and gums and reduce the risk of periodontal disease.

1. Brush Your Teeth

To reduce the risk of gingivitis, periodontal disease, and other gum diseases, you should be brushing your teeth at least two times a day, each day. It is also essential to replace your toothbrush to prevent the growth of bacteria on it. We recommend using a soft toothbrush not to worsen any prior gum conditions or to irritate your gums. Our staff at California Dental Care can assist you with all of your dental needs.

2. Flossing

Flossing is a great way to reduce your risk of gum disease. Toothbrushes can’t reach the grooves and cracks in your teeth or the hard-to-reach places in your mouth. If you have any questions or concerns about your teeth or need a dental checkup, go to our website or call California Dental Care to speak to one of our staff members!

3. Other Cleaning Techniques

Besides flossing and brushing, you might need to do some extra cleaning to your teeth in other ways. Use mouthwash to rinse out plaque between your teeth and to reduce the risk of bad breath. Using a dental pick is another way to get plaque or food from in between your teeth. You can also give us a call at California Dental Care to schedule a teeth cleaning to freshen your smile.

4. Dental Check-Ups

Our patients should get regular checkups done on their teeth. These dental checkups help our professionals monitor your dental health and any issues you might have or previously had. At California Dental Care, we recommend scheduling yearly appointments. However, if you have an increased risk of periodontal disease, dental visits may be more frequent.

5. Lifestyle Changes

If you are a smoker and use tobacco, this could severely increase the risk of periodontal disease and other gum diseases. People who smoke have more buildup of tartar on the teeth, which can lead to infection. If you have symptoms of any gum disease, we recommend you quit smoking. Stress is another factor that could increase your chance of getting periodontal disease. Looking for solutions to decrease your stress is an excellent way to reduce the risk of periodontal disease. Additionally, women with hormonal changes also have a higher risk of getting periodontal disease. These women definitely need to pay greater attention to the dangers of gum diseases. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to get your teeth cleaned or looked at by one of our California Dental Care professionals!

How We Can Help

If you’re having issues with your teeth or gums and want to get them looked at, one of our California Dental Care professionals will happily assist our customers with any of their dental needs. Call (707) 553-8008 or go online to to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our staff members!