We all know that sugar is bad, but have you ever wondered how sugar affects teeth and gums? It affects the pH balance of your mouth by interacting with your saliva, which creates acid and drives up the pH level in your mouth. These high levels remain elevated for around twenty minutes, in which the acid eats at your tooth’s enamel causing cavities. It also leads to bacterial growth, which can turn into diseases such as gingivitis. Solid sugars such as white processed sugar leave sticky residue on your teeth that your saliva can’t wash away. Liquid sugars, such as corn syrup, are similar to swishing a toxic mouthwash around your mouth. The sugar gets into every nook and cranny, and the sticky film sits there with the acid slowly disintegrating enamel and bacterial breeds in the acidic solution. Remember to limit your sugar intake and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine! If you want to set up a dental appointment with California Dental Care, give us a call at (707) 741-6090 or contact us through the form on our website.