You may be wondering how cosmetic dental care can improve your oral health. For many, improving our appearance can help us go through life with more confidence. Cosmetic dental care does more than enhance your looks but can help improve your oral health as well. Being proud of your teeth motivates you to take care of them. If you have bright white teeth, you may be more diligent about brushing and flossing to avoid them turning yellow. Another beneficial cosmetic dental procedure is gum contouring. It’s where those with a “gummy smile” remove the excess tissue to reveal more of their natural teeth. This procedure reduces the patient’s risk of gum disease and makes brushing and flossing more effective. Straighter teeth also allow for better flossing and brushing so that you can remove bacteria from tight spaces. Additionally, misaligned teeth are more vulnerable to being cracked, chipped, or broken. If you want to achieve and maintain the smile of your dreams, California Dental Care can help!