Are you trying to figure out your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year? This year, there are many ways to improve yourself, including your dental health. Our professional team came up with 6 New Year’s resolutions to improve dental health this year and the different ways that you can protect your smile.

1. Avoid Gum Disease

Avoiding gum disease should be a vital New Year’s resolution. Gum disease can create multiple issues for your teeth and mouth, and in some cases, can be very dangerous to your health. Maintaining a clean smile and healthy gums is vital to improving your dental health and your overall health.

2. Dental Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned is a great way to remove plaque that builds up around the lower front of your teeth. If it’s been more than six months, scheduling a dental cleaning should be on the top of your New Year’s resolutions for this year. If you’re looking to get your teeth cleaned or need a dental procedure completed, reach out to our expert staff members at California Dental Care.

3. Quit Tobacco

Quitting tobacco will not only improve your dental health but will also heavily improve your general health. Smoking tobacco can cause issues for your teeth and gums and other areas of your body as well, like your lungs. If you’re looking for a good New Year’s resolution to stick with, if you’re a heavy smoker, quitting this year might be the best option for you to improve your dental health.

4. Improve Display

Start the new year off with a bright smile! All of the foods and drinks that we consume can stain our teeth throughout the year. If your New Year’s resolution is to gain more confidence with your smile, then you’ll want to start with whitening your teeth. Schedule a quick whitening session with one of our professional California Dental Care dentists!

5. Restore Teeth

Is it one of your New Year’s resolutions to fix or restore your teeth? At California Dental Care, we provide multiple services to help restore your teeth and freshen up your smile. Ensure that your smile is always looking its best when you get dental work done with our expert dentists.

6. Preserve Teeth

If you grind your teeth a lot and are getting older, preserving your natural teeth might be a vital New Year’s resolution and an overall priority for you. If you feel as though you need to take specific steps to preserve and protect your teeth, reach out to our California Dental Care experts, who can assist you with all of your dental needs and answer any questions.

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