It’s summertime, and do you know what that means? Popsicles, ice cream, lemonade, ice tea, barbeque, and your other favorite summertime treats. And although it might seem like we’re trying to burst your bubble, rest assured we’re not. We just wanted to take the time to remind you that with all these summertime goodies awaiting, it is essential to take extra care of your sparkling whites, aka your teeth. We share our top 3 tips for keeping your teeth healthy this summer in our latest blog.

1. Enjoy with Caution.

It’s no secret that excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks can damage and cause significant wear on your enamel. But what many people forget to consider is how acidic foods and beverages can affect our teeth just as much. Acidic products include sports drinks, citrus fruits, tomatoes, yogurt, soda, and pickled products. We’re not saying ditch the tall glasses of ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer afternoon entirely but enjoy with caution and moderation. That’s all!

2. Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated is a must for a variety of reasons. On top of distributing nutrients throughout your body, removing waste, and facilitating your body’s ability to function correctly, staying hydrated helps wash away bacteria and food in your mouth and ultimately prevents plaque buildup. Additionally, it helps dilute acid from plaque, food, and beverages. Damages to your tooth’s enamel can lead to cavities, decay, and tooth loss. Not only is staying hydrated great for protecting against enamel damage it can also help restore it. You see, our teeth a primarily made up of minerals. We strip our teeth of minerals necessary to keep them strong and healthy whenever we eat or drink. Drinking water with trace minerals and fluoride help to replenish minerals back in our teeth. Although you can never fully replenish the minerals in your teeth, taking steps to remineralize your teeth can help prevent complete damage and loss.

3. Stay on top of your Dental Hygiene Routine.

With summer comes long summer nights and, as previously mentioned, all the yummy summertime treats and drinks. After a long night out with friends or family, it might be tempting to hit the hay as soon as you get home, skipping out on brushing and flossing your teeth. We want to remind you that even though it may seem like an arduous task, it only takes 2 minutes. And what’s 2 minutes when you’re looking at 60 years of fabulous teeth? Be a champ, and stay on top of your oral hygiene routine. You got this!

And there you have it, our 3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy This Summer. At California Dental Care, we are committed to helping you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. For more tips, advice, or dental service, please feel free to reach out to us here at California Dental Care. Contact us by calling (707)553-8008 or clicking here!