Do you want straighter teeth, and are you considering braces or something similar? Invisalign is one of the best options available for fixing misaligned teeth! Let’s look at 11 quick facts about Invisalign:

  1. No dental specialist is needed
  2. It’s the same process and offers the same results as traditional braces
  3. There’s no metal hardware and fewer visits
  4. It does typically cost more than conventional braces
  5. It’s best to research multiple providers to find the best one
  6. Similar to traditional braces, there is a time commitment
  7. You will likely require a night-time retainer after treatment
  8. They’re removable, giving you flexibility and comfort
  9. Invisalign is made of high-quality materials
  10. You typically wear them for 20 to 22 hours per day, so diligence is important
  11. There are millions of happy Invisalign customers

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